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Key Benefits 


Hauling out the projector and screen, 
sorting out the slides,
and loading the cassettes, 
takes so much time and effort
that few bother. 

Vinyl Records and Audio Tapes Converted to CD


Slides and Film to CD Conversion 

Video to DVD 



All Memories

Pricing Guideline   


By scanning the slides to CD, 
your memories are safely preserved and
conveniently ready for viewing.


Editing out unwanted background (like a tree growing out of someone's head!!) Scars and (even wrinkles!) can be erased.  Correction of exposure, colour and contrast is undertaken.

It is even possible to make a "Photo Story" 
of a special event, and set it to music.
Many years ago, few people had Wedding Videos,
an edited CD is a good compromise.
r negatives....even scars and wrinkles!