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Pricing Guideline




Due to the fact that records differ greatly in quality and condition,
                 the following prices are a guideline only.

To digitise a record, and burn it to CD, the standard cost is R50.00 per LP

The refinements, such as editing, the box cover etc. are subject to the
condition of the record and album sleeve, and your specific requirements.

It is strongly recommended that you do not send your records to a studio
that uses a stylus, the Laser Turntable cannot cause any damage to your
records, as could be the case with styli.

Depending on the condition of the records,  and the fact that I manually
edit  the clicks, (as opposed to filtering, which is the norm, and
"flattens" the pure sound of the vinyl), editing costs are
R60.00 per LP.

The CD box and cover design, with titles and front cover picture, as well as
printing of the label directly on to the CD, is at a cost of
R15.00 each.

Normal turn around time for the complete package is about 2-3 days,
depending on the condition.  (Records in excellent condition, which is very
rare, take 1 day).